The Graston Technique – Therapy Innovation

The Advanced Method to Improve Function and Decrease Pain

Dynamic Physical Therapy is one of the pioneer practices in the Front Range to utilize the Graston Technique to decrease pain and improve function following an injury or other debilitation. The Graston Technique is a remarkable procedure that allows your Physical Therapist to detect and treat areas of scar tissue or adhesions in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These scar tissues and adhesions can reduce range of motion and cause significant pain.

During the healing process, the body attempts to repair an injury naturally through normal body functions. Unfortunately, many times during this process, the body creates scar tissue – much like the scar that appears on your skin after you have cut yourself on your finger or scraped yourself on your elbow. Over time, your body can create a build up this scar tissue, particularly in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that receive a lot of use. This can lead to pain and dysfunction because the scar tissue lacks the strength, flexibility, and resiliency of healthy tissue. In addition, in some instances the scar tissue may actually flatten and compress a nerve causing discomfort or pain.

Instruments of Healing

Graston Therapy uses specially-designed stainless steel instruments and specific soft tissue mobilization that is combined with rehabilitative exercises to improve musculoskeletal function. The instruments help to detect and treat areas of scar tissue or adhesions in muscles, tendons, and/or ligaments that can reduce range of motion and cause pain.

The Graston Technique has been effective in the treatment of:

  • Neuromuscular Re-OrderingCarpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • De Quervain’s Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • IT Band Syndrome
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Cervical and Lower Back Pain
  • Muscle Strain
  • Painful Scars
  • Tendinosis
  • Joint Strain
  • Epicondylitis
The Benefits of Graston Therapy

The Graston Technique is not only the detection of restrictions or adhesions, but also in the amount of improvement that takes place for the average patient in a short amount of time. Just some of the benefits patients have experienced when they have been treated with the Graston Technique include:

  • Decrease in pain
  • Increase in function
  • Releases fascial restrictions and adhesions
  • Splays and stretches connective tissue and muscle fibers
  • Facilitates reflex changes in muscle tone
  • Increases the amount and rate of blood flow to and from the region
  • Increases cellular activity
  • Increases histamine production

In short, the Graston Technique is far superior to other methods of soft tissue mobilization in many cases. Contact us to find out more about how Graston Therapy could help you.