Cold Laser—Changing Lives

The Low Level Laser Difference

Dynamic Physical Therapy is one of the only practices in the Front Range to make use of Erchonia ® Low Level Laser technology (also known as “Cold Laser”) in the treatment of our patients. The Erchonia ® low level laser made history in 2002 when it became the first laser in the world to be approved by the FDA for the treatment of chronic neck and shoulder pain. This was substantiated by two double blind studies proving the efficacy of the Erchonia ® laser on chronic pain. Since then, it has become more sophisticated in its uses and there is considerable documentation of the efficacy of Cold Laser for wound healing, decreased pain, decreased inflammation, and enhanced tissue regeneration in musculoskeletal tissue.

Low level lasers are different than heat lasers that are used in many surgical procedures to cut and cauterize the tissue. Low level lasers have a non-thermal biological effect on the tissue that stimulates the tissue instead of destroys it. These types of lasers have been being used for over 25 years and any negative side effects have yet to be documented.

What Makes Laser Light Special

Laser light is different than normal light, such as light from a flashlight because it has different properties. The light released from a laser is monochromatic meaning it contains one specific wavelength and is seen as one visible color. Secondly the light emitted is coherent. This means each photon is moving in the same direction and at the same wavelength as the other photons. Lastly, laser light is directional. The beam is very tight and very strong and concentrated. Because of this property, the laser can still have a therapeutic effect through clothing. A light bulb releases light of many different colors and the beams weak and diffuse.

How Low Level Lasers Work

The Erchonia ® laser is a hand held device that emits light that is applied to affected area. The photon energy passes through the skin and has an impact on the cellular level. Once the light reaches the cell, a number of physiological changes occur due to an enzyme cascade that affects several biological processes. These include an increase in production of ATP, the cell’s energy source. Low level laser light also increases vasodilation in the injured tissue which delivers key nutrients and removes damaging toxins. Increased antioxidants also enter the area. Lastly the low level laser light stimulates increased protein synthesis and healthy cell division leading to improved tissue regeneration and immunity. The overall effects are decreased pain and inflammation, increased strength and range of motion, all of which lead to an improved quality of life.

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