Aquatic Physical Therapy

Utilizing water in the healing process

Water has long been utilized as a primary tool in the facilitation of naturally occurring healing processes. Water provides a safe and efficient medium for physical rehabilitation. It allows a smooth engagement of gradual resistance, facilitates range of motions, and affords varying speeds of activity. The properties of buoyancy, support, and moist heat reduce the risk of inflammation of joints and tissues that may be aggravated by exercise.

Aquatic therapy for rehabilitation offers numerous advantages over other programs. The buoyancy and support of the water facilitates early establishments of proper posture and body mechanics. The turbulence of the water facilitates central stabilization before distal movements are possible. Reduced gravitational pressure of joints and the warm water provide a comfortable environment and allow smoother, more coordinated and pain-free movements. Aquatic exercise and training ensure a safe way of experimenting with movements and simulating skills performed out of the water with increased weight bearings. The water also allows coordination to be honed and gross movement patterns to be practiced without fear of falling.

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