About Dynamic Physical Therapy

Mission Statement

Dynamic Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing individuals with the highest quality of rehabilitation services. We are committed to a partnership with our clients that provide the tools needed through education and exercise to enable each individual to return to their quality of life as soon as possible and encouraging good habits for life-long health.

Vision Statement

Dynamic Physical Therapy will continue to apply cutting edge medical technology and new physical therapy rehabilitation techniques through continuing education and state of the art equipment. Dynamic will have the reputation for exceeding the expectations of our patients in the quality of rehabilitation and overall wellness services provided.


Aquatic Therapy

Dry Needling

Cold Laser

The Graston Technique

People Serving People

At Dynamic Physical Therapy, we have one goal: To help you get better. Every one of our staff understands this and you will feel the difference from the moment you walk into one of our facilities.

Dynamic Physical Therapy, LLC is the premier Physical Therapy practice in the Front Range. Our organization offers a substantial array of treatment options to help with your particular situation, and our highly trained staff brings substantial experience to help with virtually any physical therapy requirement.

Contact us to find out about more about our innovative approach to Physical Therapy and how we may be able to help you.

Practicing Excellence

Dynamic Physical therapy adheres to strict clinical and operational policies from documentation to education to treatment, to total patient satisfaction, to problem resolution. We pride ourselves on providing quality patient care and reasonable pricing while meeting and surpassing the standards set by the joint commission for accreditation of health care organizations.

Dynamic PT is Medicare certified and accepts a wide variety of private insurance. We recognize that the care, concern, and sensitivity we bring to our relationships – and the culture we create – is foundational for our practice excellence, the growth and development of our organization, and most importantly, the quality service we provide our patients.

Innovative Physical Therapy

Recent years has brought considerable advancement in both techniques and technologies to help individuals in need of physical rehabilitation, pain reduction, injury recovery, and more. These techniques and technological advances have spurred tremendous improvement in treatment efficacy and, ultimately, in quality of life for patients.

At Dynamic PT, we are constantly improving both our staff capabilities as well as our technological infrastructure to bring the latest innovations in care to our patients. From Graston®, to Cold Laser, to Advanced Water Therapy, and many others, Dynamic PT is leading the way in Physical Therapy innovation in the Front Range.